Wearing masks is a pain sometimes. What do you do with it when you aren't wearing it, especially when you are in and out of stores or restaurants, or at work. I started using a lanyard/necklace about two weeks ago, and it has simplified my life! Now I know right where it is, and I can put it on and off without having to dig in my purse or hang it from my ear. So, I decided to start making them.


But what do you do when we stop wearing masks? Use it as a necklace! Just fasten the clasps behind your neck and now you have a pretty beaded necklace!  

Multi Lanyard & Necklace

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  • Made from multi-colored flat polymer beads, gold beads and has gold heart clasps. It is shown with a red apple charm, but you can select from other charms shown if you want a different one. Approx. 20" long. Shipping is free.