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The CDC is telling people that even if you are vaccinated, it's not a bad idea to wear a mask to protect yourself and those around you from new strains of the virus. If you are interested in a new mask, just give me an idea of what color or pattern you are looking for, and what size you need. (Small, Regular, XL, Child (2-6) or (6-10). Price includes shipping. Let me know if you have questions!




Please read carefully: These masks are made from 100%, pre-washed cotton fabric, include two layers of fabric where the mouth is, and have a pocket that allows you to easily add a third layer of protection. The masks hook to the ears using stretch bands that allow for a snug fit and will fit most adults.




Special Request Fabric Mask

  • These printed instructions are included with your mask:

    1. Preparing your mask for wearing: Your mask is made from 100% cotton fabric that has been pre-washed in hot water and dried on the hottest setting in the dryer, so should not shrink when you clean it. You will need  to sanitize the mask prior to using; either using boiling water to wash, or machine-wash and mild detergent.  To dry, place in a clean pillowcase, secure the top with safely pins and dry on the hottest setting in the dryer, or the Sanitize setting. Some also say you can air-dry. Wash your hands before removing and handle by the  ear loops only. Place in a clean plastic bag until using.

    2. Filter options to layer inside your mask:  Do some research to find what works for you, but you can use coffee filters, a piece of allergy-reduction HVAC filter or HEPA-rated vacuum bag, but whatever you choose to use for your middle layer, be sure to discard after each use, and wash your hands.

    3. Putting on the mask: Use a clean mask each time you go out. Wash your hands with soap and water or use  alcohol-based hand  sanitizer before touching the mask. If you want to add a layer in the middle, Pick up the mask by the ear loops and avoid touching the mask itself. Hold both ear loops and place around each ear. The part that juts our the farthest is where the chin goes. Fit mask around mouth, nose and chin by touching only the top and bottom. For a snugger fit, you can tape a piece of wire where the bridge of the nose fits.

    4. Wearing your mask: Mask should either be on or off, do not rest or wear under the chin. Never wear it inside-out. Do not touch mask, face, or adjust mask while it is on. If you touch the mask, wash hands or use sanitizer right away. Continue to practice social distancing even when wearing a mask.

    5. To remove the mask: Grab the ear loops and lift mask off. Place in a receptacle or bag that can be closed or sealed until you can sanitize it again.