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Miracles happen everyday!

I saw this "heart"picture on Instagram (@maryannjohnson12) and in light of the big eclipse phenomenon that we are all waiting for today, it struck me just how many miraculous things happen around us every day that we don't even notice. We can be in such a rush that it's like we're wearing eclipse glasses even when we don't need to, and we miss so many wonderful miracles.

I was sitting out in the sun-room painting some new clay pieces, listening to the birds, watching the leaves in the breeze, having Millie come up and share her unconditional love and thinking about this wonderful community that I am now a part of, and I felt so grateful for all the wonders we get to be a part of every minute of our lives. We get to create, and we get to experience creation.

There are so many things that can cause us fear, but I want to choose hope and thankfulness. And later today, when the world around me becomes dark, I'll appreciate the miracle and also be grateful that the darkness won't last but a moment and then all will be bright again.

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